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Although I specialise in analog collage art, my interest in a broad spectrum of creative forms extends beyond my primary medium. My practice is influenced by literature, music, theology, costume, performance, film, photography and social sciences.

I most certainly seek to ask why things are the way they are, investigate reasoning, and encourage individuals to deeply consider the intersection of experiences of those around them, while also thinking for themselves in a unilateral manner. I use visual imagery as an opportunity to narrate a story, woven with clues, signs, and symbols that contribute to the final arc of the message: the visual, is a tool for encouraging discussion.


As a curious individual with a penchant for outward presentations of expression; be it putting thoughts, creative ideas or anything to paper, chatting with strangers on the street over a shared joy of blue skies while waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green or simply listening and observing; I intend to communicate (be it through my writing, art direction, visual art, data analysis, etc.,) in a manner whereby an intersection of experiences and perspectives are taken into consideration.

In line with the philosophy of Grace Lee Boggs, I intend to incite change within systems that seek to elevate one group and oppress another, through action and dialogue inspired by imagery, conversation and text.

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