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Cherry Blossom Girl, 2018, 8x12, Collage on Paper.JPG

My Work

I'm naturally very outgoing and people-oriented, so it's no surprise that communications in all its glorious forms are at the center of my career trajectory. Coupling visual imagery with text is a skill I've developed and refined throughout my career. I'm experienced in commercially producing infographic-style assets, writing accompanying copy for socials, and running social media campaigns that combine the two. It excites me to run with assigned information and to weave my favourite mediums together to create a narrative that communicates the two in a digestible manner.


Here are a few examples of my commercial work. If you'd like any further writing (product copy, opinion pieces, etc.,) or social media asset samples, feel free to drop me an email.

Social Media Management


Creative assets for the Weeds Glass and Gifts Instagram account, 2018-2019. Click into the slide deck gallery for more images.

Social Media Creative Producer

Open Cannabis 2020-2021

Open Cannabis is an informational campaign about cannabis medicines in the UK. It aims to engage the public and healthcare professionals alike and help UK patients understand the options available to them. I produced creative briefs for socials, took over socials management and worked with a graphic designer to create strong messaging throughout the campaign. Click into the slide deck gallery for more images.


Web copy, product copy, brand stories, copy for social media, opinion piecesClick into the slide deck gallery for more copy samples.

Collage Commissions

A variety of anolog collage commissions for gifts, music projects, etc., Click into the slide deck gallery for more images.

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